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We no longer call the sessions workshops because in 2015, they turned into so much more. By grouping like-minded people, participants were able to harness the energy and experience of each other to take their visions to new heights.


If you want to get inspired, read on! All Mastermind Groups are building blocks to publishing, but can also be stand alone personal development seminars as well.  





Essential for anyone wanting to write a book or to take their business to the next level. This full or half day mastermind session will awaken your creativity (half day) and then inspire you to begin planning your book. 


This fun yet powerful creative workshop is the first building block to creating your own compelling, strong personal brand.


I guarantee that the following 12 weeks will awaken you and propel you faster toward your dreams than ever before. Develop new skills to help propel you faster toward the life you want to create.


Determine your Life Purpose


Understand those twinges of resentment toward others ahead of you


This is a sure-fire sign that you are creatively blocked. Now, creativity is not just for a select few! The minute you bring it into your life, magic happens! You clear the past. You begin on a journey that connects you with the right people, drama slips away, and you begin to LIVE life.


The most successful business people are unblocked! Be high on solutions, low on problems. 


Know the benefits of spending time on you and nurturing your creative self


It is your right to be living the life you want! And with this one day work shop with loads of goodies to take home, guidance and your fabulous fun workbook, you will open up a life of possibilities you may have dreamed of, but never thought could happen!


You will receive:


  • My personal help. I will do all the interactive exercises with you.

  • Tools, such as my Creative Workbook, that is designed to help you continue the journey over the next 12 weeks

  • The key to your Life Purpose - what you should be doing, and why

  • The blocks you have to living the life you want - what is holding you back

  • Freedom from all those icky feelings - jealousy, resentment, guilt, shame - by identifying them, we can face them and move on

  • Network and co-create. In a secure environment, share as much or as little as you like. You will be surprised at what emerges when we explore creativity together.

  • Empowerment to move forward on your own, bravely, to achieve what you have only dreamed you would achieve.


If you flick through this website, you will see an incredible amount of productivity! I have done it almost all all by myself! I have networked, designed, created, drawn, written, photographed. NOT because I am some prodigy! But because I tapped into that part of the brain that makes it all flow!  I even designed this website, PLUS several others, PLUS brochures, business cards and marketing and business plans!


I've made videos, book trailers, travelled non-stop, made incredible friends, and got through tough times (hey, they happen!) without curling up permanently in a ball! Creativity unleashed a power of energy and you can have that too.


If you would like to organise either a half or full-day course in your location (any country or city), please message me at Minimum of 10 persons.


Pricing starts at just $250 per person for individuals +GST (group discounts available) and includes the fabulous Creative Workbook, plus the promise of lots of fun, play, connection with other creatives, and a new you for 2016!





Learn the methods I used to help me design NINE books, write six, co-photograph one, and publish them all, in just over two years. Find out how I shot one to bestseller in Indonesia's largest bookstore, and another to #1 Travel Book in Asia on Amazon. And recently, took my newest book Book Benefits to #1 as well.


I received endorsements from National Geographic Traveler (and spent two days with one of their most loved and respected Editor in Chiefs!), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul no less, and spent a week with him!), and hit Best Seller on! And I can teach you how to do it.


You will learn:


- how to clear the blocks that stop you from starting by determining who, why and what you want to write with proven methods


- using your Book Benfits guide and additional workbook, you will build a solid plan for your book that you will take away with you on the day


- how to tackle the enourmous task of writing a book with my easy book plan


- how a book can boost your business and lead to more sales and greater satisfaction, and turn your book into a smart marketing investment that will give a tangible return


- the questions you need to answer before you beging writing, including how to define your personal brand essence


- keys to branding that most marketers don't share


- how to publish your book, and fast


- where to get the support and resources, and how to do much of it yourself


- how to become a #1 bestseller by having a compelling marketing plan


- how to use social media to get the job done


- the print secrets that printers don't want you to know and designers can't tell you, that alone can save you thousands of dollars a year in your business


You will leave inspired, with the knowledge and passion to begin, and finish, and publish that book.


Sessions can be tailor made for groups of 10 or more. Write that book sessions are either a full day, or run as a half day addition to the creativity session.


Mastermind classes will be planned throughout the year. Please see the event tab for more information.





One on one or groups of 5-7 persons. Pricing on application. See Mastermind tab for more information.


Bring your dreams and let's get started! 

Please contact us to book your session in 2016.



Dyan Linley Moore said:


I thoroughly enjoyed your seminars and your knowledge is extensive and valuable. From the structure needed for a book to creativity which is the driving force to being unique. It gives the tools for turning my content and ideas into books. The structure was so helpful and is so time saving that now I can focus on the enjoyment of writing while knowing the direction and structure that follows. I highly recommend you for anyone who is looking at writing and publishing a book. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I know I wasn't the only one excited to get writing. Inspiring.

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