Want to publish? Read this!

We help bring your vision to life, right through to marketing if you wish. But first, here are some truths about publishing.


It is best to start with the facts before investing time and money into your dream.




Well, your friends and family will be impressed. But let's try to get some market success too. Here's some truths you need to know first, before you embark on a book publishing journey. We don't want to put you off. We are just sharing what we've learned along the way.


Okay, ready?

FAQ #1


Not overnight, and perhaps never. This is a risk you take.


Publishing a book is a business endeavour as well as a vocation. The extent of your success will depend on how you view it - any level is okay, as long as you commit to the process needed to get it into print, or on-line. That means providing the material to make it happen.


Many people use a book as a leader to other successes. It might mean more public speaking gigs, or personal promotion for your story, or be a tool for your business.


FAQ #2


Creating a business plan for your book based around what you want to achieve from it is essential. Focussing on you as a brand is a critical building block to your success.


And living your book creatively is something many publishers fail to develop with you.


If you just have the book in your head, attending one of our publishing or creativity workshops will leave you inspired to create something that will have a purpose - in your life, and on the planet. Those are the books we actively seek, that the market wants, and that Creatavision Publishing loves.



FAQ #2


Creating a book has a number of key components:


- ISBN and barcode

- National Library registration

- design aspects

- content...GOOD content

- print costs


The cost of these vary depend on the complexity of the book.


Book resellers ask for commissions up to 65% of the retail (tax inclusive) price of the book, so setting your sale price is very important, to ensure you get a return. Getting the right quality first up is imperitive, as if it looks cheap, the market won't want it.




So you want to be famous? Or you want to write or publish your book, get what is out of your head somehow onto paper, or someone's tablet?


The truth!


Let's be honest, upfront ...writing a book is one of the toughest gigs around. And while we're being honest, very few reach global acclaim. A lot depends on what your book is about, its uniqueness, and what the market want at any given time, which is largely persuaded by what is happening in our world.


But that shouldn't stop you doing it.


I conceptualised, wrote and designed a book in just five months, with a huge whack of energetic and photographic contribution from Trish McNeill, plus a significant financial investment from both of us. I published it, got distribution, launched it, and along the way learned a lot. But, and here's the but ... I treated it as a full time job. If you have kids or can't take a whole stack of time of work, your book is going to be one crazy journey if you proceed alone.


There are a number of ways to have your book published.


  • Do it yourself.

  • Submit it to a publisher - you will need to send your manuscript to lots of them.

  • Get an agent, who can submit your idea or manuscript to a publisher.

  • Find a good publishing partner who can be involved at whatever level you are comfortable with. (That's us, by the way).


So ... the good news!

You can do it! But unless you are a designer, writer, publisher and don't want to do anything else in your life, it is unlikely you will succeed alone.


I have almost 20 years experience in marketing and sales, along with brand strategy and product management. I have worked closely with printers and even had a partnership via my husband in a printing company, so I know that complex process well. I have been a designer and photographer for over 10 years. I know how to write a creative brief and get the best out of designers and creative contributors. I also set up a distribution network to help get sales right away.


So you need to figure out what you want to do. Is it a brilliant idea or novel or book that you need to share with the world, to help make it a better place?


If so, we are going to be a good start for your dream.




"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this:

decide what you want"

BEN STEIN - Actor and author
What we don't promise
  • We don't promise you will be an overnight success.

  • We don't promise we will take on your book.

  • We don't promise you will be able to quit your day job (unless your book is to boost your business, in which case it will work as hard as you do).

  • Unless pre-ordered, we don't promise everyone will take your book (but we will do our best to seal it with a kiss and give it good homes around the planet).


What we DO promise
  • We will nurture your book every step of the way.

  • We will bring your vision to life in ways you never dreamed possible.

  • We will be upfront about your contribution.

  • We will get your book published and do all the legal stuff you need to have, to protect your copyright, sell it and get it into real or virtual stores.