Things you need to know about Bali

Travel edition


An eBook that gives the least you need to know about traveling to the wonderful island. Written with honesty and through the eyes of an experienced traveler to Bali, it is packed full of tips and tricks to avoid trouble, and what to do should you fall into trouble.


There is a full list of almost every medical emergency you can think of, hospitals, beauty salons, botox, places to go, procedures, visas, warnings and of course, things of beauty to see. We do focus on the 'heads up' stuff, such as cultural tips and things can simply can, and do, happen to the unsuspecting. We cover off the spirit of Bali in Bali Soul Journals, to keep the balance. We want you to enjoy your holiday, safely, respectfully and have fun.



This edition FULLY updated in early 2015.




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Schoolies edition


This was fully updated late 2014 to include changes at the airport and other minor updates since the first edition.


It is slightly smaller than the Travel edition, however contains all the valuable information you need, so is equally relevant to all travellers to Bali, not just school leavers.


UPDATED for 2015








Allergic to something?


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The medical chapter (both editions) gives you an A-Z on all major concerns in Bali, with essential links to Australian Government fact sheets. Even if you buy the book for this one chapter, it will be worth it.