Writing a #1 bestelling book to boost your business

Every successful entrepreneur I know has a book. It used to be the ones who were already super wealthy. A book seemed natural. We knew who they were and they were sharing their story with us. But, is there a method in their madness?

I believe there is. And it is so simple, you will wonder why you haven't thought of it before or if you have, will wonder why you haven't done it!

I just spent the first two days of this week with some women who wanted to write a book. All of them realised that it would be an extension of what they did, a tool for the audience they served. They'd thought about a book for a long time and most had started to write it.

All were totally bogged down in the process. So it got shelved as a 'too hard' project. Business demands became the excuse.

I'm here to tell you...it is not that there are too many things to do in your business!

What if I was to tell you that it is simply because:

  • you don't know what you are doing;

  • it is too complicated, with too many new things to learn;

  • the image of doing it makes your eyes glaze over with confusion;

  • you don't know how long it needs to be or it will take to write; and

  • you think it will get expensive

These all sound feasible reasons ... um, cough cough, excuses.

So now, what if I told you that all of these excuses were stopping you from boosting your professional integrity and your business? Ah ha! Are you listening now?!

Okay, tell me what you do. Is it PR? Great! You know a little bit about that, right? Your clients pay you good money to have you develop a plan. A book can get this information out to your market and increase your client base!

Increase? you ask. But aren't I just giving away what I ask them to pay me for?

Yes. And no.

How much time do you spend with a client before you start earning money? How much money do you spend on attracting those clients? Now please, don't tell me you do nothing and it's all word of mouth. Even word of mouth takes a time investment - building customer service systems, polishing your performance, being there when they call.

A book based on what you know can achieve extraordinary things for you and your business:

- increase your personal credibility in your industry

- highlight your unique qualities that make you stand out

- give your market clarity about who you are and what you do

- bring speaking opportunities, which in turn enhances your brand

- and if you are lucky, deliver passive sales

The last point should also be the last reason you write a book for business. While you might derive a small income from it, you won't instantly become rich!

If all this is starting to make sense, the good news is that I can now alleviate your fears about writing a book. If you follow a simple, logical process that draws on branding principles and the essence of your own business, it can be done within a month! And the beauty of it is that you review where you and your brand sit in the market, its image and whether you can improve on any of this. The process itself is effectively working on your business rather than in it. And we all know that this is good, right?

Writing a book will also highlight what you are weak in. This keeps you on track to your central theme of the book. I have seen literally dozens of marketers, SEO specialists, Social Media gurus and entrepreneurs all fly after publishing a book. In fact, if you look in the business section on Amazon books, you will see hundreds of them.

Oh, you sigh. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them! What is the point?

There's more good news. You can get to number one! Sure, there might be 32 billion books on Amazon, but I did it! And I am no SEO specialist. I just know what works. I tried, failed and tried again. I succeeded. The success of my book Things you need to know about Bali has helped not only my position as an author and publisher of books about Indonesia, but it has solidifed my credibility as a marketer of books.

By applying my branding skills to my publishing knowledge I was able to cut through market leaders such as Lonely Planet and be #1.

My newest e-book Book Benefits is due for launch this month. It's simple, easy to read formula will have a book in your virtual hands much sooner than you think. It can take you as little as 30 minutes a day five days a week. You won't need to do the hard yards that I did - 20+ years marketing, branding, learning about social media and what works, launch planning and so on. And I bet there will be at least one part of it that you excel in.

So why should you write a book for your business?

  • It increases your focus on what you are good at and what you specialise in

  • It narrows your target market, which in turn increases your sales because your target market understand you

  • You are able to launch a #1 bestseller and give your clients something that helps them, improving relationships

  • It also improves networking, something women typically don't enjoy for business and increases opportunities

  • When you have learned the process, you might even consider writing that other book in your head...the novel, the memoirs or another one about some other aspect of your business

  • With social media marketing, it is increasingly part of the marketing mix. Get it wrong, you can damage your brand. Get it right, and you will reap rewards for years to come.

Book Benefits will launch in March 2015 and will be available on Amazon. In the meantime, head on over to Creatavision or Clare McAlaney to get more tips on writing your own book for business.

If you do one thing for your business this year, writing a book could be the most powerful.

Email me if you have any questions or if you'd like to know when my next workshop is. I will be in Perth late March teaching Books for Business - Writing and Publishing, and Creativity. I also run private sessions for businesses.

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