How to figure out what you *really* want

The beauty of creativity, is that we literally get to create stuff right out of our heads. Sometimes, and at the best times, we don't even think about it. We just turn up to it. That means we are the ones in the driver seat. We get to create what happens next, even in the face of unexpected events. Here's how it goes (if you like processes): Think. Feel. Act. Think: work out what you want. Write it down. Draw it. Sing it. Own it. Feel: imagine it's already happened. Recreate the feelings around it. Live it. Act: Take action. Five small steps every single day. Repeat steps one and two regularly. And the last step? Receive. This is the critical one, and redefines the above three steps! I see so many friends get offered everything they have wanted, to stall during the giving bit. "I'm not good enough." "It will fail." Or they get there, and are not happy because they are alone, or it hasn't filled a well in their soul. But mainly, it is usually because it has been off-track from their soul purpose. Here's a little story I read yesterday, that has to do with this whole process. And how we can rethink the way we approach our life purpose and life plan, and be open to receive what we have asked for. Because first, we need to be clear about what we are asking for. Imagine you have one wish from the genie in the bottle. A goal in life that you want fulfilled. Something that will complete your life. But, you only get 10 seconds to blurt it out. What is it? Quick! Then, you need to answer these two questions in order to receive it. How will it change your life? What will it bring into your life? The answer to the third question is what you want in almost every single case. Here's an example. I want a million dollars. It will give me stability and I can pay off all my bills and stop worrying at night. It will bring peace. What you REALLY want is peace. That is not dependent on money. What do you REALLY want? Then, look for ways that that can come into your life. For me, it is creativity and vision. They are the two things that drive who I am, and my purpose in life. I know how they make me feel, and I know what they bring me. The other stuff, the goals, happen, because I have answered the first question from my heart. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for coz it might just come true?" If you really want peace, and build your tangible goals (relationships, spirituality, health, wealth, legacy etc) around that, it makes it much easier to receive them when they arrive, because the feelings feel 'good' and not 'icky'. Define your goals in terms of how you want to feel. Be clear about the final outcome. And then, openly receive it when it arrives, because it will feel right. That's the beauty of creativity. We get to create what we want. So long as we know that what we want needs to be more than a million bucks or a new car, because there is always a feeling that will accompany it. And when all is said and done, we get to create that too. So long as we are clear about it from the moment we begin to create our lives.

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