How many Wow days can you count this week?


How many Wow days can you count this week?

My personal mission, path, guiding light, northern star, whatever you like to call it, is very simple. I bring visions to life, whether mine or somebody else's. So long as I am doing that, life seems to move generally in the right direction. People show up when they need to. Synchronicity just seems to happen. It used to make me go "wow". Well, here's some insight. It still makes me go "wow". I go "wow" when I write something. I smile "wow" when I draw something. I cry "wow" when I receive something, wanted but unexpected. And with each "wow", I learn to lean in a little more to my goals, and trust a little more in the outcome. This morning I had a series of "wow"s, as the person I was speaking to had a very similar vision. There was synchronicity, and a number of other buzz words at play. While it is early days, there is one thing I am sure of. The energy you put out truly does come back in the same order you released it.

Put out angry, angry comes back. Put out excitement, around a defined goal, and it comes back - often with contacts, suppliers, helpers, money, resources - whatever is needed to get that job done. There was an angry and confused time in my life. The hurts don't matter, but the lessons do. The more focus I put into the hurts, the more they bounced back, reliably and faithfully. I owned them. I owned their stories. They had to return back to me. They only knew one home, and that was me. The path of creativity can be a similar one for many. We cloak ourselves in the journey itself, tell our inner soul it is meant to be this hard, that there is no other way. But here is another truth. Creativity is meant to be easy. It's a right that everyone has. Sure, the degree each creates or field they create in, is different. Not everybody wants to write a book or point a camera. Some want to do just one thing, others want to do many. I'm in the 'many' bracket! If you are feeling like there aren't enough wows, and it is too hard, here's the good news. There are ways to release the creative in you! This creates flow. Flow creates movement, and invites the things in that you need to make it happen. One of the most difficult things I explain to anyone is the concept of creativity - particularly to i-dotters and t-crossers. They don't see a need for it, whereas I see it as air, a necessity, a joy, a natural partner to the left-brain order.

For these folk, I'm still working on the three-sentence explanation, but it goes something like this. (Yes, it does need shortening! Good pick up!) "Hey, you wonderful person. Imagine if you had an abundance of solutions; if every time you had a problem, there were 10 possibilities to solve it? Imagine that you were able to cruise into each day, like a little kid waiting for a big fat present tied up with a jumbo bow, not knowing what was inside? What if you trusted that even if the tyre fell off your car, there was another reason for it - to slow down, stop and chat to a stranger, miss the meeting altogether because there was a better one? And it gets better!

"Try to picture yourself just doing nothing. That's right. Just taking it all in, recharging the batteries, letting the whole process just 'be'. And then, when you return back to your page of i's and t's, all the dots are lined up neatly, but in a different order, a better order.

"Imagine!" That's how life has panned out for me the last little while. Sure, I've done 'the work' to get there, and probably could have got there faster. But today, I find myself saying, "wow" every day. I find myself glancing upwards in a kind of silly disbelief, with a small smile on my lips and, the angel on my left shoulder saying, "I told you so" to the doubter on my right. My uncle used to say regularly, "It's a funny old life". Well, it is. Things just work out. And when they don't work out, they are working out. So each day, I turn up to the page, which is this desk in a small office, jammed with books and journals and art paper, pencils, crayons and pets. And each day, at least once, I mutter that word of joyful gratitude.


Clare McAlaney is author of four books and designer and publisher of five. She did this in just 18 months. If you would like to learn more about her Creative Workshops, drop a line, or head to the Workshops tab at the top of the page. Clare plans to regularly be in capital cities around Australia in 2015 with her popular Bookwriting and Publishing workshops. Her book Book Benefits is due for release this month. Head to or to get updates on its release.

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