10 top tips for getting creative

Wanting 2015 to be creative? Here are 10 key things I have learned about how to unleashing creativity. 1. Creativity takes time and silent space. Make a commitment to allow this for yourself, weekly or daily. 2. Creativity comes in waves. You simply can't do it all the time, no more than you can plant and harvest a crop all year round. Give yourself space. Select different types of creative pursuits so that you can swap. Write, draw, play guitar, sing, cook, dance, garden, or read a book. 3. Select your friends wisely. This is a tough one, as it can mean letting some people go. Not everyone wants you to be successful. Beware of energy thieves. They want you to stay stuck, not for you, but for their own sense of security. Find people who believe in you. 4. Let guilt go. The hardest thing about allowing in creativity for me, was that I felt all this 'play' was being selfish. When in actual fact, denying my creative was the cruelest thing I could do to my soul. 5. Set boundaries. Say no if you need to, if saying 'yes' to your creativity is giving you joy. 6. Accept that fear is part of the process. It can appear at any moment. Look it in the eye and go get creative. The more you create, the more creativity will emerge. 7. Accept that critics will always be there. Listen to them, and then decide what parts you will take away with you, and what parts you will leave with them. Get back on the creative wagon as soon as you can, and never let shame consume you. It's okay to do a bad piece. Tell yourself it is a step toward a better piece. Which leads to number eight. 8. It will never be 100% perfect. You will always see a fault in it, but remember - not everyone will see it, because they won't know what you want to change. 9. Journal. Daily writing is a form of meditation. Let it just flow out of you. Don't judge the words. Get in touch with feelings. If you can't find the words, stop looking for them. Just write whatever comes. 10. The whole point about creativity is to play, have fun, to feel joyful, and get in the energy flow. When you completely lose track of time, and you are doing what you love, then you will know you've found your highest creative expression. Want to get in touch with your creativity in 2015? Stay tuned here, as there are some exciting workshops coming soon. Or, message me to find out whether there will be one in your city in 2015.

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