Mission accomplished .. almost

In 2003, I came up with the name Creatavision, simply meaning, to create a vision. Someone's vision - mine, yours, it doesn't matter, but to bring what is in peoples' heads to life, to make it jump of a page, wiggle into the minds of passionate people and reside there forever. I guess it was all about creativity, but it has become so much more.

Shoot forward to 2013. Ten years later, I am sitting with none other than Jack Canfield and explaining my idea for a book, Things you need to know about Bali. Jack was kind, he truly did like the idea. But, well, he hedged around it and didn't quite say it but I could tell he was hinting at it - it lacked soul. It lacked heart. It lacked the ability to connect with him.

A penny dropped.

Six weeks later, I was holding a business plan in my hands.

Five months after that, I was holding Bali Soul Journals in my hand.

And now, I am about to pick up Looking for Borneo, another book that has a life purpose, a reason for being.

I guess you could say that in 11 years, mission is accomplished.

But it's not, it's only just begun. First, with the name, that has been impossible to shake. And now, with opportunities to take peoples' visions and bring them to colourful, wonderful, hip shaking, deep meaning life. There's been a lot learned, which I is why I am bursting at the seams to help other people do the same thing. My lessons are their strengths - the mistakes, the tears, the losses even. That in itself is another book, but not now, perhaps not ever.

Right now, it is about taking gifts and lessons and living in service for what I was put on the planet to do. Not just to write, to draw, to photograph. I'm blessed with many interests, but they all point to one perfect basket that fits them all - publishing.

Mission accomplished? Well, yes. In many ways, but with much more to come.

In July, I had traveled to Borneo with David Metcalf and his wife Stephanie. After five days in raw mountains and raped hinterland, I knew I had to write a book about Borneo, or at the least, Kalimantan. But fortunately I wasn't too clear on the 'write' bit when I sent it out to the universe as a request or rather, goal, for the month of July.

At ten the next morning, 30 June, a Monday, the phone rang. David needed help for he and two friends, Khan Wilson and Mark Heyward. They needed a book created from their diverse material. They needed it by 30 September.

And it was to be about their travels through Borneo.

Now, as we finalise work with the printer and get ready to welcome it into the world, it really is a case of one foot in front of the other, having faith, and allowing what is in your head to come to life.

As I write, there are three books sitting waiting for completion, and four others at the printers being quoted on. On my wall is my personal mission statement, written back in 2008 when I first read Jack Canfield's book The Success Principles. Those two words sit there, a constant reminder of what my whole essence is about.

Creativity. And Vision.

Mission accomplished? Almost. But I am rather enjoying it being a work in process and a wonderful, wonderful journey.




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