Things you need to know - Schoolies 2015

Things you need to know - Schoolies 2015

Valuable for all travellers, particularly young people.

Applauded for its honesty and insight, Things you need to know about Bali for Schoolies gets down to the important things.

Every year, students finish their last year of high school and flood to Bali to celebrate. Whether it's gap year or schoolies, it is huge. Sadly not all get home without incident. This is either not knowing what to expect, not having an awareness of their new surroundings, or taking risks.

As a parent, this is of concern...we all want out kids to get home safely.

This book provides information that is beyond commonsense:

- what if you have an allergy?

- what are the critical safety tips?

- what medical information do you need to know?

- what does insurance usually cover (and not cover)?

- what if I ride a motor bike?

- is it as dangerous as some people make out?

- what are hospitals like in Bali?

- what are the must-know cultural tips?

- can I get a tattoo?

It is a one stop resource that gives lists to check through before you leave home and helpful tips for the young traveller, and their families.

At just $12.95 (AUD if purchased here, USD elsewhere) it's a small investment in your teen's (and their friends') safety. If you don't find one single thing that you didn't know, we will gladly refund your money. Just send an email to with a description of why, within 30 days of purchase.

We are certain that because we are on the ground, this reference book will be invaluable, from lists of medical issues, how to put together a first aid kid, important numbers, and so much more.

Things you need to know about Bali is the peace of mind you've been looking for.

Written in an easy to read style, this gives you the chance to sit down with your teen and talk about action plans to avoid trouble, what they would do if something did happen, and be fully prepared.