The Bootongs of Bali

The Bootongs of Bali

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When the Bootongs of Bali are shocked to learn that they are not just farm ducks but have royal blood from the fallen Kingdom of Ducktopia, they are plunged into a race against time to recover a centuries old Manuscript in the lost Palace, and a golden key that will unlock the answers to restore balance to Bali - and the planet - before it is too late.

The family of eleven ducks’ idyllic life is turned upside down when Cheeky stumbles on a secret meeting being held by the leader of the koi, Agung. The old fish shares his mission to save the island that is overrun by development. When he catches Cheeky eavesdropping, his plans take a sudden twist and the family is catapulted into a mission to help save Bali - and the planet - from disaster, because if Bali fails, so does the world.

Agung directs Cheeky to journey to another time dimension and find the Kingdom of Ducktopia. There, he must retrieve the Manuscript that contains a prophesy of parallel outcomes – peace or destruction. As they discover the terrible state that Bali has fallen into, echoes from their past surface, and sibling Spotty reveals centuries of bitterness as he rivals for the throne that must be resurrected in order to save the island.

However, lurking in the shadows is the dark shadow of an evil spirit that threatens to overpower the family, with devastating consequences. It feeds off Spotty’s anger, creating a threat that nobody could possibly have imagined.

Cheeky meets his royal ancestors in his dreams, who help him fulfil his mission.

In an ultimate showdown, Cheeky, Eye and Agung battle against Spotty and evil forces for a grab for power before the Manuscript is finally unlocked, and the fate of the family and Bali is revealed.