My Power Statement

My Power Statement

My Power Statement™ gives you the ability to quickly transform your quality of life, health, and prosperity. Easy to learn and even more simple to apply to everyday life. Live the life you dream of with Vida Carlino’s powerful tool.

Vida is a leading transformational coach who has helped hundreds all over Australia create and live better lives.

What a delight to know that Vida Carlino is offering this book out into the world of us human beings. A wonderful, modest toolbox that provides us with many communication shortcuts that are easy to follow and beautifully presented.
Wes Carter OAM - The Menswork Project Inc

This is an inspiring and empowering book! It offers practical tools to shift viewpoints and transform beliefs. The book is an easy read and suggests powerful and yet simple ways to become aware of and then change unhelpful habits.
I will encourage my students to read this book.
Ghata Engels, SOL Spirit of Light - Internationally acclaimed light healer

My Power Statement™ is the tool to use in order to BE that and DO that.
Vida’s way of presenting this amazing technique is simple and down-to-earth
… its power is in the simplicity of the Power Statement™…
I will be recommending it for friends and clients.
Kirstin Bouse, Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
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    128pp, semi-hardback, full colour, 150mmW x 210mmH