Looking for Borneo

Looking for Borneo

"Looking for Borneo is a celebration of the island of Borneo, its environment and its people. At the same time, it is a call
to action, a plea to save this special place from the ravages of development. A collection of writings, drawings, photographs and music, inspired by Kalimantan and Mark Heyward’s acclaimed book, Crazy Little Heaven, an Indonesian Journey, this new volume is a unique artistic collaboration and a fine contribution to the body of Indonesian travel literature.

Khan Wilson’s quirky and memorable artworks complement the
narrative in the same way that a fiery sambal complements a dish of fried rice, adding a splash of colour, a little spice and a sense of fun.

Like a canoe on the river, David Metcalf’s lucid images capture the colour and vibrancy of Dayak cultures, the quiet magic of the forest and a fascination for the creatures that dwell there.

As if that were not enough, Heyward’s original songs, ballads of life and love in Indonesia, are brought to life by Kalimantan-born Qisie, and a group of talented Indonesian musicians from Lombok and Bandung. The style, best described as ‘kampong folk-rock’, reveals another Indonesia - and more of Heyward’s very personal vision of this unique part of the world."

Bill Dalton, adventurer and travel journalist