Meet Vida Carlino

Wife, mother (and proud grandmother), Vida is a much sought after inspirational facilitator, thought-leader and accountability partner who travels extensively across Australia to mentor, coach and educate others; sharing her passion through speaking engagements, programs, mastery groups and one-on-one coaching.


When we are outwardly successful and inwardly lost, Vida’s words inspire us…

“WHY play ordinary when you are already EXTRAORDINARY?”


With over 25 years’ experience in the self development and business arenas, Vida believes that when we are inspired, we embrace our own spirit. In this creative space our intellect, creativity, capabilities, emotions and innate knowing are elevated and we can be more than we ever dreamed possible. When we too seek meaningful contribution, our thoughts and actions coalesce into an enduring, realistic and personally fulfilling business and life model.


From almost as far back as Vida can remember, her entrepreneurial spirit was alive and strong; fuelling her passion for holistic prosperity. By the age of 24, she was already in business for herself. She has successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. Her words below encapsulate those years of discovery:


In the quest for professional, business and material success there is often an imbalance, a disconnect with the vision we had at the outset. At a deeper level, there is a longing for meaningful contribution and a yearning for a deeper connection with self and others. Sometimes our achievements come at great cost to ourselves and the lives of those we encounter along the way. As a facilitator and guide, I have been privileged to witness the transformation that occurs when women and men reclaim their authentic self and go on to realise their dreams and successes.

My Power Statement


Live a transformed life with simple tools to magically turn your life into the one you desire.



















Most of us have a degree of understanding of the benefits of positive thinking, creative visualisation, believing in our ability to win the race and of dreaming big. We have learned to appreciate that what we think, act and feel is in direct alignment with the results we get in life.


But if this true, why are so many not living the life we desire, getting the results we want, or being the people we want to be? 


Vida Carlino walks you through her proprietary and ground-breaking process to cut through to success in all areas of your life. Fast, without tortuous work. Using her simple yet effective Power Statements, you are rapidly transformed into living the life you want, as the person you want to be. 


Vida's first book, My Power Statement, shares her technique in easy steps. Beautifully illustrated with powerful photographs, it is information and a workbook rolled in one.


This is a book that will not only help you transform your life, but is one that you will want to give to anyone in your life you love and want to raise higher. 


Unlike other books, this is a motivational book that cuts through to what you need to know in order to make rapid changes in your life without emotional pain.  


Vida also shares her list of valuable resources for every chapter.


An incredible culmination of decades of expertise in a take-home book that will fit in your handbag or case.


To pre-order your copy, use the Contact form. Books are available for pre-purchase.