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Creatavision Publishing has a stable of best-selling books, beautifully created by Clare McAlaney, your personal publishing magician and creative architect of dreams and vision.


Explore articles by Clare that capture the essence of her workshops and personal ethos. Learn how to apply creativity in your life, her own journey and be motivated to do more with your own unique talents.

Australia's Extra.Ordinary. West




As natural wonders, quirky anecdotes and surprising revelations are shared, even the most zealot local will be compelled to dip into this unique book, with Western Australia playing the beautiful yet aloof protagonist.

Gaze up at sheets of bright night skies stretching from horizon to horizon. Climb to the top of 58-metre tall Gloucester Tree. Or, discover its unique wildflower display, with in excess of 12,000 species. Incredibly, over 60 percent can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. 

Western Australia may be remote, but it’s packed with wonder and delight. Not only the biggest state in Australia, but with a wilderness longed for by the city-bound and a sophistication blended with authenticity and friendliness that will captivate, wrap its arms around you and welcome you back, time and time again.


Once you have dipped your toes into Australia’s Extra.Ordinary.® West, you will be hooked forever.

Jump in. Western Australia awaits.

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Dispelling the myth that Western Australia comprises only of a slow pace, balmy northwest and its dinky capital Perth, Australia’s Extra.Ordinary.® West reveals the essence of the nation’s most intriguing state. 
This stunning book is already getting attention, winning gold in the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards in New York.
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