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October 2016

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24 October 2016


4 spots only - book now

9am - 5pm

996 Hay Street, Perth


Branding is the base of every business, no matter how small or large. With simple techniques, a wholistic plan is created - a blueprint - to help steer you to making the right decisions and keeping on track.


This three-part system takes you through the planning, writing, publishing and promoting system developed by Clare with PR expert, Nicole Ashby, giving you greater exposure and credibility, minus the expensive advertising price tag.



Knowing  'how' is one thing, but Creatavision Publishing takes you on a journey, exploring the why's and what's, coming to a frank understanding of your brand essence. Add to this the secrets designers, social media experts and printers don't want you to know, and you will potentially save thousands of dollars in easily made mistakes and traps.


Complete with a fabulous hard cover workbook and visual guide, valued at $50, with a small group in comfortable surroundings, you will walk away with a complete idea on how to build your brand around a book that will increase your profile, give you many PR opportunities, and put your business in another league.


This workshop gives you the scope to work on your plans, understand not only the world of publishing and how it relates back to your business, but because it is a small group, to actually walk away with some planning under your belt.

$590 + GST

All materials, hardcover workbook valued at $50  +

morning and afternoon tea

What made Michelle Bridges so successful?

Contrary to popular belief, it was not her television appearances!

In fact, it was the time she spent building her profile through writing and media exposure, long before she got 'the gig'.


You can do it too, to the level of success you want to grow to. It is all in your hands. This powerful workshop will arm you with the essence of Clare's 20 years in marketing and branding. She has catapulted brands to 15% increase in profits in just 12 months with her strategic applications and ability to understand consumer minds. Now, a talented designer, writer, editor and publisher, she is breaking the mould surrounding traditional publishing, and helping bring brand visions to life for small to large business.



Delma Davies of Aroma Spa Retreat, Bali

published her book 9 September,

and already has radio interviews lined up in Perth!

One, with an audience of 80,000!

She attended Clare's full day work shop in April, 2016

and has seen an increase of sales in 10% since applying

Clare's social media strategies.

And has a huge book launch planned that will

promote her business in Bali. Why?

Because she is now an author. It's really that simple!

Book now and make 2017 your year to take your business to the next level!



24 October 2016

4 spots only - book now

9am - 5pm

996 Hay Street, Perth


KIRSTIN BOUSE published in May 2016 after just nine months writing her book!


"I have just sent my first book off to the printers and cannot wait to hold it in my hands! It has been an amazing journey getting to this point and one which I couldn’t have done without Clare. Writing the book was in many ways the easy part. Getting it to the point where it made sense, presented the information and my ideas in the clearest manner, flowed well AND looked beautiful was a task and a half.
"Clare’s expertise in such a wide range of areas that are critical to book publishing as well as her absolute commitment to the project, amazing creativity and ability to think outside the box when we encountered some problems is second to none. She made the process as painless as possible and ensured I ended up with this amazing and beautiful product at the end – my book! I can’t recommend Clare highly enough if you want to get your manuscript into a real-life book that looks just like something you’d find in the bookstores (or even better if you ask me!)."


Make 2017 your year!

Start planning now

The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to start building a powerful brand with presence