Creative Seminars for business


I believe everybody is creative. Full stop. But creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised. And that can't be done sitting down learning theory. It needs to be learned by doing, so seminars are hands-on, with all the tools and references required to help participants expand their creativity - no matter if they are starting out or already consider themselves creative.

Why Creativity?

- Pro-activity

- Team cohesiveness

- Flexibility of mind

- Seeking solutions over problems

- Stronger team and individual  


- Evolving individual creativity into

   creative collaboration

- New ways to be creative to meet  

   multiple business needs

It's a fact


Brands like Apple have known about creativity for years. At Creatavision, we believe we all have an inherent creative ability, and that once that is harnessed, businesses soar, as employees contribute more effectively, more efficiently, and markedly more happily.


Relearning the very essence of our creative selves is accessible. Our business program uses practical techniques to unleash individual potential.

Four Key Benefits of Creative Minds


Fluency – the ability to produce many ideas (many of which may similar or have same theme)


Flexibility – ability to produce a varied mix of ideas (none or few of which are similar or share the same underlying theme)


Elaboration – ability to add detail, depth, mixtures of viewpoints or perspectives


Originality – uniqueness, novelty, newness, creativeness (new) or innovativeness (improvement of existing)



Each session is planned around the participants and the business needs. We have a raft of tools in our kit, but trotting them out in a theoretical order won’t work. The moment we theorize creativity, it is doomed for failure. Growth comes through creative action, not listening to lectures.


Creativity is learned through play. Participants need to feel safe, as expressing natural but suppressed behaviours can be daunting if done with an academic lean to it, particularly if there is a feeling there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ or a ‘good, better, best’ judgment of the work.


Session components can cover:


  1. Leadership and Inspiration. Teams function better if there is respect for their leaders.  

  2. Understanding the benefits of being more creative.

  3. Creative blocks and how they sabotage performance and self-esteem.

  4. Inspiration. Creative people inspire others, because they don’t need to fill their personal well with criticism, jealousy or ego.

  5. Practical techniques to unlock imagination and innovative thinking.

  6. Daily Practices. Creativity is like a muscle, so with simple daily activities, just 15 minutes can keep the mind expanding.

  7. Techniques include:


  • Visualisation

  • Creative writing

  • Mapping

  • Photography

  • Storytelling

  • Collage making

  • Memoir writing

  • Create thinking games

  • Identifying disabling behaviours

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We have options from two hours to full day, to full course options. Participants can also opt to continue on-line with our affiliate partner, or take part in workshops tailored to embarking on creative journeys, to impact every area of their lives.


Pricing on application, but tailor-made programs can start from around $AU200 per head for a full day (depending on course content, location and number of participants).

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