Big enough to act,

small enough to care


As a relatively new publisher, we choose our book partners carefully.


So you won't see books for books' sake. Each one is treated with care and personal attention. We consult with you one on one. The process is handled from start to finish.


Our book contributors care about the world to such an extent that they want to make a difference. This might be by donating the profits from their book, or creating a book that will help positively influence the planet. It might mean a number of things, but at the heart of the journey for them, is a deep desire to reach out and connect.


Founder Clare McAlaney has over 20 years experience across a number of platforms - print, photography, design, marketing, brand strategy, retail sales and merchanding, promotions and writing. As Creatavision Publishing grows, Clare is at the hub of the process, connecting with you and giving you updates along the way.


Take this step now to creating the book you have in your head. But first, have a look at what others are saying, and review our beautiful range of books.






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