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Want to see what really happens behind the scenes in businesses in Bali? This book is the perfect insight into that world, by successful businesswoman and expat, Delma Davies.


Owning a business, working or living on the island of the Gods is a dream that captivates many. Whether you are a curious tourist wanting to peek behind the scenes or considering a sea change, Delma Davies, successful owner of Aroma Spa Retreat, Sanur, opens your eyes.

Her captivating stories are heartwarming, often amusing, and shared with openness and humility. Delma highlights the stark differences between the culture of her home country, Australia, and that of the life of an employee from a Balinese village. Her journey takes you into the complex world that is behind the smiles in restaurants and cafes.


Delma’s decade of business experience in Indonesia illustrates the many qualities required for a successful enterprise. Overcoming obstacles and communication difficulties, and accepting cultural norms and habits, are all part of the deal. Delma is one of a relatively small group of foreigners who have successfully achieved a working business model in Bali. Her easy to read advice is broken into a series of lessons, each with real human experiences.

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