Hi! I'm Clare!


This has been one journey and a half and it's nowhere near finished! I have lived an incredibly exciting life and am in awe of where it is now taking me. But I'm up for the ride and would love to share what I've learned with you, if that helps you with your journey! This is my story*.

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Life before publishing

My life has been an incredible journey. I grew up in Mt Macedon and had a year of high school in Far North Queensland in Airlie Beach, where I met co-author Trish McNeill. I am married to an amazing man who has supported this journey more than I can say. And have a step-daughter I think the world of (whether she likes it or not!) 


But by far one of the most profound influences on my life was 10 years I spent in the Victoria Police Force from a teenager of newly-turned 19 years. Working the beat in some of the roughest suburbs shaped my attitudes for a long time and it is fair to say I did not suffer fools easily. 


Over time, I have mellowed but still set myself very high standards. I became a Police Prosecutor at the very young age of 23, presenting cases of Attempted Murder and Blackmail in the Children's Court, to the furiously busy courts of Heidelberg where arsony, theft and drink driving were the order of the day, interrupted by sex offenders and wife beaters.


Promoted into the Prosecution HQ, I became a law lecturer and researcher, contributing to legal digests, and prosecuting some  of the more challenging cases.


I began studying whilst I was there, quickly earning a scholarship which led to an Associate Diploma in Marketing. Not satisfied, I commenced studies at Swinburne University for my Bachelor of Business with majors in Marketing and Business Law. During that time, I applied for a job at Cadbury. Well, seven interviews later, a position was created for me in Sales. Rapidly promoted twice, I reached my goal of Brand Manager (the position for which I first applied) but corporate life was not for me. I went from there to Shaeffer, then Decor Homewares, Bolle sunglasses, HB Fuller and finally NLC (novated leases). I began to think there was not a market I had not seen, on top of my exposure to the underbelly of Melbourne in my earlier career.


I added a Graduate Diploma in Business Law and Management and closed those books forever. Done with formal study, I leapt into learning everything I could about design, writing, copy writing, photography and now, publishing. I even learned data base design and management!


Learning comes easily to me (and I hope can hold off any dimentia that may be deserved after a wild youth), but creativity is my thing. I am grateful for every opportunity afforded to me. And thankful that I have had the chance to share my gifts. Each day brings so much more. 


Spending time in Bali while working in Australia has been a blessing, giving me an experience of culture that has given a profound appreciation of other nationalities and differences. I am sure in time, this will emerge in my writing.


If you join me at any point on my journey, it will be my pleasure. I learn the more I teach and do, and if this continues for the second half of my life, it will be a life well lived.


In gratitude,


About me today


I have been described as a dynamic business leader, but these days, I like to call myself a Creative Architect.


In 2013, I spent a week training under Jack Canfield with a small group of incredibly talented global entrepreneurs. Feeling somewhat out of my depth at first, I left with a clear vision in my mind and sense of purpose. And I knew that I could achieve anything, if I followed the Success Principles that Jack and Patty Aubry taught me.


I brought over 20 years experience in marketing to the table, covering global to local brand strategies and campaigns. But the thing that makes what I do unique, is that I combine the theory of marketing with an innate ability to predict trends and read how and why people buy. In short, I am able to bring visions to life, and when I do, have such a profound sense of joy that it ignites energies around me, inspiring others. 


I founded Creatavision Holdings (now Creatavision Publishing) in 2003, leaving the corporate world in 2005 to run the company full-time. With marketing and sales experience at giants such as Cadbury and an international sunglass company, it was time to rest the corporate theory and see if I could do it. My way.


My humble office grew into a delightful studio, where my husband and I grew the business to almost half a million dollars in turnover.


Helping brands from Bulla, to small to mid-sized businesses was rewarding, but not my real passion. But, I learned the print industry inside out, with the help of my husband who had decades experience in the print and paper industry. I also began importing promotional clothing from Bali, which led to my designing clothing and creating patterns. 


Along the way, as customers expected more than strategy and vision, I refined my design skills, adding to a photographic portfolio. I wrote copy for Y&R on a Sydney Airport assignment. And as new technology emerged, I learned it rather than delegated it.


As my skill base grew, so did a desire to follow my dream. Publishing. Writing. Creating the whole kit and kaboodle. A million books seemingly resided in my head, and they needed to escape.


Long a fan of books and all things printed, in 2011 my husband and I leased a villa in Bali to give me the opportunity to write and explore what I truly wanted to do with the next half of my life. After continuing to run the company from afar by electronic means, I began to write.


And write I did! In the space between March 2013 and April 2015, I wrote, designed and published an incredible nine publications across print and electronic media:


- Things you need to know about Bali (plus a Schoolies edition)

- Bali Soul Journals with Trish McNeill

- Looking for Borneo by Mark Hayward, David Metcalf and Khan Wilson

- Bali Essence with David Metcalf and Nyoman Pujawan

- Kitty's Tale, an eBook for children

- Book Benefits and Workbook

- The Creative Workbook

- The Bali Essence 2016 Calendar


My e-Book Things you need to know about Bali became an Amazon #1 bestseller as I learned the art of social media that helped get it there. It still sits in the top 10 books on Bali.


Bali Soul Journals, The Bootongs of Bali (and the Kingdom of Ducktopia) and Bali Essence all became bestsellers in their primary market, Indonesia.


I developed numerous websites and became obsessed with learning the art of social media. By December 2015, one of my Facebook Groups, Bali Travel Group, had attracted over 12,000 members in just a few months. My Courage to Publish and Conscious Travel Bali groups grew, but engagement proved to be the key to making groups thrive and not just survive.


I am an active member of a Rotary International eClub, running a crowd funder for water tanks in northern Bali and developing materials for become the first Rotary eClub in the Indonesian District of 3840, including a website to boot.


I was approached by other authors to design and publish their books which led to the challenging Looking for Borneo, a stunning coffee table book written by bestseller Mark Heyward, with photography by Master Photographer David Metcalf, and art by acclaimed artist Khan Wilson. Challenging, because combinding three very different works of three talented artists was bound to have conflict in design. But the end result was something I had not seen before, and I knew that publishing was 'my thing'.


With a solid portfolio of branding expertise, I took that platform to run workshops and help others write and publish their dreams in 2015, falling in love with the business women and city of Perth. An advocate of the art of creativity in order to propel success in every area of your life, I ran fun Creativity Workshops that inspired and awoke the senses of all who took them.


With a solid marketing and strategic background, the world of publishing opened up a life of fun, engagement and purpose. And I know that it will do the same for you, if you let go of expectations and see what doors begin to open for you.


Even as I write this, I am watching the most incredible instances of synchronicity roll into my life. So much so, that I have had to take a red line to many of the activities I was working on, and reduce my capacity to a set number of workshops and books for 2016.


I would love to be working with more like minded and inspirational women. I hope that one day, our worlds may collide and perhaps, if the gods are willing, we will cocreate and bring your vision to life.




[Text acknowledgement to Business Women Australia, who put together an awesome profile for me! Thanks ladies! I have just modified it, but lost track of how much I actually did 'borrow'. This is one of the benefits of being with a national organisation - they market you while you market you.]re