The self-publisher's bible to writing and publishing a bestselling book in just 30 days.

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Book Benefits


A fabulous e-book that will see you creating and publishing your own #1 Amazon bestseller to boost your business, in just 30 days!


Ask yourself this.


  • Do you want to boost your business?

  • Are you struggling with social media and fitting it into your marketing plans?

  • Have you thought of being a speaker to increase your professional profile?

  • Have you put off writing that book because it just seems so difficult?

  • Or, were your first one, two or three books failures that barely nudged the charts?

  • Is the whole thought of design, formatting, publishing and promoting too much to think about for you?

Book Benefits rips through all the chaos and confusion. With simple, proven steps, get that book out of your head, onto the charts and boost your business in no time at all.

  • You will learn how to mind map and plan your book before you start

  • Discover how you can target a smaller market that will bring you more sales, not less

  • Get the tools to do it yourself, or the links to cost-effective resources, to help you deliver a professional book

  • Learn how writing a book will transform your business

  • Reach #1 on Amazon out of millions of books!

  • Leverage your book, boost your professional standing immediately and grow your business

  • Jump over the mistakes I made and do in three months what took me three years!

I wrote this book because I want you to achieve the personal and business success the same as I am having. I want to do something that really matters, and help you on that journey, live the life you want, and reach for freedom like you have never experienced. For me, it started with finding creative freedom. I passionately believe that creativity is the cornerstone for every business owner and entrepreneur. Therefore, I share my own journey, and how it helped me reach publishing success, and why it has been such a game-changer for me. It’s going to resonate with you, because it’s likely one you’ve been on, but haven’t realised.

And it will have been causing you grief, and blocking your path to success.

Book Benefits brings you more than the mechanics of writing a book. It will open your mind, put you on track to living your life purpose with passion, and bring you more joy than you thought possible from taking the next step.

I am an experienced brand marketer, have run my own successful six-figure business, and published over five books that I have designed. I have written four of these, co-photographed one and have a #1 bestseller on Amazon! If you are not convinced that an e-book will boost your business, here are seven compelling reasons why you simply cannot overlook it as part of your marketing mix.

Each chapter sets out simple key outcomes. If you were to put all of these in a single document, they would form the contents. In fact, if you turn back to the contents, you can see pretty much just that. This makes it easy to navigate the book and understand at any point where you are in the process.

There can be a temptation to skip steps or jump ahead, leaping into the unknown territory of writing your book. Please don’t. By following the process you will get the job done much more quickly!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, want to be a speaker, boost your business or travel, or are a blogger, photographer, cook, fitness instructor, retailer or simply just want to be more successful, Book Benefits will get you there.

So stick with me and let’s forge forward and get that book out of your head, and onto Number One on Amazon.